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Tour operator specialist Volcano & trecking,hiking,adventure and expedition tours Indonesia

The important thing of tourisme for the human,We are the team black rhino java providing free online information tours and travel giuide and progarame all indonesia archipelago destination. ECOTOURS As such as : sumatra,java,bali,lombok,komodo Island,Florest [Kelimutu],kalimantan,sulawesi and irian jaya,  :Our tour sevices especiality : krakatau-krakatau volcano-cracatoa-Krakataus tour,Ujung kulon Tour and abventure,Krakatau camping tour,Krakatau-ujung kulon tours, adventure,java Volcano tour Overland,Java - bali overland,birding tour,surfing tour,fishing and diving tour,Ciberang rafting -rafting ciberang Adventure as well as we service information Hotel and Accomodation during your holiday in carita.


The three outer island of the present Krakatau group [ Rakata,Sertung and Panjang ] are thougt tobetheremmants of one previous.Huge Volcanic island called " Ancient Krakarau ",it was some 11 km in diameter and 2 km

high,according to history Javanese bookof KIng it exploded and collaps,perhaps in pre hitoric time but possible as recently as 416 AD.Three island remained on therim of it submerged,7 km diameter,central caldera [ collapse crater ].The southern most of these ,Rakata grew by volcanic activity untill it was about 830 mt high and 5 km diameter.Two smaller volcanic island ,Danan [450 mt] and Perbuatan [120 mt],than deveop in line to its North,within the ancient caldera ,the three islands later joined up in to one.Krakatau this about 9 km longand 5 km wide .There are record of seven eruption of Krakatau between the 9th and the 16th Century it was regarded as dormant.

Ujung Kulon national park is one of the history facts of the ruins of Krakatau Mt,explosion in 1883which has known for it great explosion that continued to succesion of the growing of plants and wild life animals.Ujung Kulon National park also wellknown as home for javan Rhinocerous [Rhinoceros  Sondaicus].Through surfey that was done by expert,it was found 700 kinds of flora and 57 kinds among them ere rare and endemic species.



Java is an island which is lies from sunda strait area in the west to bali strait in the eastern

most,consisting smost active volcano in indonesia island Archipelago,krakatau located in sunda strait,Gn gede pangrango,tangkuban perahu,Papandayan Mt.are inclussion to west java area,and some volcanoes you might seen The popular in central java such as : Dieng plateau,Merapi Mt.both are easily to visit,The greatest volcano adventure is Bromo and Ijen plateau,in the east of java Volcano.Those are  some of popular destination tour and adventure in java.


Krakatau / krakataoa/ Krakatau child is one of the most active indonesian volcano,almost once a year as ever  seen it is always active.Krakatau explossion can be visited any time ,but the impressive view might be you get espesiality by doing night trip [ 2 d/ 1 n ] .feels of the freshness krakatau during night and taste of the sea food while enjoying dinner at a side of the Krakatau volkano



The Peucang island has natural beauty very stunning, the marine , coral reefs, beaches and the

occasional animal toward you, with a breeze of wind held yourf ace, lose all the busyness, and the fatigue that you usually do on each day .Pulau peucang is a paradise for all people , especially those who liked the trecking, diving, fishing including your challenging journey, with a side trip to south or south coast. Cibunar is one tourist destination located in the south of the island peucang, can travel a distance of 4 hours, where This waterfall has a very beautiful waterfall called Cibunar, to reach this place, we should spend a minimum of 3 hours, because the journey to reach this place must be very careful walking up and down the rock An occasional wave coming .But is only a small challenge, and on reaching the waterfall, wipe away your fears, which still virginally  nature, with the kinds of tropical vegetation types in unified with waterfall gurgling sound,It's really amazing scenery, waterfalls Cibunar has 4 levels, each of which has a pool, to just wash your face or the others. waterfall has a height i 40 m.Water looks glass-clear clicking sound might attract the visitors impressed., and This waterfall comes from mountain Payung's springs ,located in the north. The tour package to reached It, only takes 4 days 3 nights adventure, then on the way to peucang, ISLAND We can take the route to the western -south trials : MOUNTAIN PAYUNG , CIRAMEA BEACH, CIBOM, and Cidaon -PEUCANG ISLAND More info

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