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Panaitan Island 7 Days 6 nights Surfing Tour

Duration : 7 days / 6 Night
Type of accommodation : -
Type of transportation : Wooden Boat, Fast Boat, Cruiser Boat
Start / end : Jakarta/ Carita beach
Grade of difficulty : Easy / Moderat

PACKAGE 7D/6N (slow boat)
To those who like to surf at Panaitan island it is one of the best surfing area in the world, It is one the most exciting safaris you have experience, about Panaitan island is located in the part of Ujung Kulon National Park (world heritage site) this beautiful tropical island is rich wild life in great waves and clear blue water will take you far away from hustle and bustle of everything, A perfects destinati ... Read more »

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Baduy people are the people of Sundanese living on the area around the beginning of Ciujung river, Kabupaten Lebak, Banten province. Some writings and people outside Baduy consider the people are isolated and legged civilization or even primitive. An observer and writer of "Potret Kehidupan Masyarakat Baduy" (Picture of Baduy People Life ) Djoewisno, MS wrote : " The Baduy is not isolated, but they isolate themselves"

Folk tale among the people of Banten mentions that during 15th century Sunda kingdom with the center probably around current Bogor, precisely around Cipanas area and one of its vassal that was Banten with the center at old Banten Girang located near mount Pulasari, Kabupaten Pandeglang. National Archaeological Research has nearly close to the complete scene of old Banten kingdom as one of the old Sunda kingdom beside Pajajaran. Tradition of Sunda such as the poets of Sejarah Banten, Tangtu Pangelaran, and Serat ... Read more »

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7 DAY / 6 NITE

START / END jakarat/carita

The tour covers Ujung kulon peninsula started from eastern, west, southern and back to the Eastern part.This tour package combination either over sea and overland [ by boat and trecking ].

Day 01

Leave at 9.00 to sumur {fisherman harbour ] take 3hrs from minibus.The boat wills take us up f ... Read more »

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Saturday, 13 February 2010 05:09

Those are great potentials that ujung Kulon national Park has are Nature Diversity asset for ECOTOURISME, RESEACH AND CULTURE 
Ujung KuLon national park had many times of changed status.
Ujung Kulon flora and fauna is well known by Junghun,Botanical expert from german 1846 Ujung Kulon panaitan island ... Read more »
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Ujung kulon visited most area of Ecotourisme

Jakarata-carita –jakarta

Day  01
Leave at 8 o’clock,take 3 hrs by fast boat cruises to South west direction of carita.90 kms distance .all the way long  to the national park,keep your eyes open , you may see a frigate soaring high over head. Flicking its scissor  like tail as it changes direction with hardly a flap of its wings.As well Dolpins often come to greet the boat and play alongside it or in front of the prow.You may also be lucky enough to see a white- Bellied Sea Eagle as you approach the Island.

As arrive in Peucang Island ,check in to the Hotel/Guest house. continued to Karang – Copong by trecking . Can reached 3 hrs return.Along the Route kind of the Anmals and  big treeTropical Forest a ... Read more »
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 By Visiting our site and travel with us,you contribute to our effort to preserve the environment in and around the world heritage site of Ujung kulon National Park


The easiest way to get in is by purchase a tour from a resort in caritaThe price will be around Rp 1.5 million-3 million depending on the length of stay. The price goes down if the number of the people joining the tour increases. It takes around 3-4 hours from Carita -Sumur to Peucang Island where the accommodation and national park office are situated.The cheapest way to get here is by public transport. The journey can start from Kalideres bus station in the West Jakarta. The bus is a green color bus with dir ... Read more »

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The three entrance points for visitors to Ujung Kulon National are Taman Jaya, Peucang Island and Handeuluem Island. Two less visited regions, Panaitan Island and Gunung Honje Range, can be reached from these entrance Points or direct from Labuan

The village of Tamanjaya, where the road down the coast line ends, is just side the park boundary. This is the main entry point for trekking into the
badul island ... Read more »

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The Child Grows 
Eruption plumesVolcanoes typically build up in fits and starts. After 1883, Krakatau was dormant until 1927, when a new cone began to build at the edge of the 1883 caldera. In 1928 alone, 22,358 earth tremors were registeredchild of krakatau by a temporary volcanological observatory on the island of Panjang, while eruption plumes were seen to reach 1,200 meters high. However, the first three attempts to break the surface formed only temporary ash-cone islands, which were destroye ... Read more »

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Volcanic activity recommenced in May, 1883 and continued into August, the first eruptions appearing on the northern, Perbuatan volcano. The number of active vents increased on bothkrakatau explosion 1883 the northern volcanoes. On the 26 th and 27 th August series of cataclysmic explosions occurred which were heard 3500 miles away as far away as South Australia and Ceylon, was recorded as of the world's biggest explosion the force of 100.000 hydrogen bombs, They generated tsunamis (tidal wave) crashed ashore and devastated hundreds of town and village, reaching almost 10 miles inland in some places. The resulting killer wa ... Read more »

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